How to work from home on the internet – And Be Successful

There are so many ways to work from home on the internet.

Knowing how To Work From Home On The Internet is essential for success. In this post, I’m going to outline in some depth of what it takes to be successful online. 

First Let me Introduce myself, HI!!! My name is Sean.

How To Work From Home On The Internet

I know! I look a little Weird! But, That’s what blogging, website management, social media management, content research, video creation, and everything else that goes into how to work from home on the internet does to a person. It makes them weird. First off, let me tell you that this online work thing is not for everyone. It takes hard work, diligence, patience, a touch of weird and my big secret.


Ok, This is only a big secret if you are completely new to learning about how to work from home online. Here is the main thing a person has to do to be successful. Constantly pump out original content of 1500 words or more to your website/blog. Make sure each post in your blog has a few nice pics that you use alt tags with. (If you don’t know what alt tags are no worries. At the end of this post you will find answers.)

Also, in about 2/3 of my post I embed a video from youtube, mostly from my channel. I do this for a few reasons, but mostly video gives some blog posts a nicer look. As well as, creating youtube videos is another good way of how to work from home on the internet.  

BUT I Can’t Write!!!

This is what I hear often from people. Who have never even tried it, lol? Seriously, it’s not hard to write. I know all of you talk. I’m sure most of you way too much. BOOM! That’s all you have to do is write exactly the way you would talk to someone. Yes, when you get done with your rough draft you will have to refine your writing. By proofreading and correcting some grammatical errors, So what!

Just try it out on the notepad of your computer. Simply start writing about something you would say out loud. Write about your current situation or on any topic that interest you. It doesn’t matter! Just write exactly the way you would talk. Before you know it you will be writing down a thousand words on about any topic you can think of.

NOW, Let’s Get Traffic To Our Blog Post

Now that we got you over your fear of writing. I’m just kidding, If you are here still reading this you’re ready to do what it takes to succeed. I know this because I’m not that good of a writer. So, it’s the content that has you still here. Do you see my point? Content, Content, Content, But good original content is so important.

Now that your beautifully written and stunningly visual blog post is all done and uploaded to your site. You will have some tasks to complete. First, go over to google search console and resubmit your sitemap URL.

Then you go over to your blogger account (Free and owned by Google), and you write a post relating to your original post of about 500 words or more. Then have your blogger post funnel back to your original blog post on your site. If you made a video on Youtube that goes with a blog post make sure your blogs URL is in the description box of your Youtube video

Nope, we’re not done yet!

After you accomplish these tasks. Head on over to Facebook and post your blog/website link with a quick call to action. Post in a related group, on a fan page you own, and on your wall. Make sure to post in a few groups that share the same interest as your post. Post on your FB page(WHAT? YOU DON”T HAVE A FB PAGE? You need to get one.) Also, set up an instagram connected to your facebook page.

After that you need to post on Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

I have also shared another video of how you can get free traffic to your blog posts.

How is the Money Made, SEAN?

Great question! I almost forgot. 

Well, what you do is pick small profitable niches to blog about. Niches are anything.

Here is an example

How To Work From Home On The Internet - affiliate marketing

Women’s Everyday Athletic Wear has become extremely popular this year in, 2020. Trendy and popular in my world means profitable. So, I could build a niche site around Ladies Athletic Casual Wear. It would have blog posts, and a niche related online store. All on the same website by using some free WordPress plugins and being an associate with It’s that simple. Affiliate marketing is another one of those how to work from home on the internet proven methods for success.

However, you can see why it takes lots of original content and behind the scene task. You want google to love you and give lots of free traffic. See, Google is like the old lady school teacher from back in the day. She would throw erasers at you. Then make you leave the class to pound them together all day if one was a lazy troll. But, if you work hard and play well with others she lets you sit at the head of the class.
Here is a pretty low estimate of how traffic works if you follow my method.

Now My Simple Math

Now on average 1 post gets 7 visitors a day. So that is 7 x 7 = 49 visitors to your post in one week.
That is 2548 visitors to that one post in one year. Now, I am being extremely modest with my numbers here. I have blog posts that get hundreds of visitors a day. The trick is to create a new post everyday or at the least two a week.

You see where I’m going here. The more you do the more traffic you will get. Plus once your site has established trust and has gained authority from google. Your posts will get ranked much faster and further up on the list. Simply by you putting out good original content. Your daily traffic will soar to 100’s of visitors a day.

What Is A Content Writer – Another Great Way To Work From Home

how to work from home on the internet - content writing


A content writer is essentially a writer for the internet. There are many content writers working for businesses and working from home as freelancers. However, when they finish their work. All of their work basically goes to the same place, the internet. For the most part, a content writer is able to write social media posts, website copies, blogs, and white papers. Writers have to appeal to a certain audience. Meanwhile, still creating content that informs and entertains.

The goal in mind is to get consumers to buy a product or share the content for their friends to see. Obviously, making sales is great, but spreading your content is just as awesome. When content gets shared it gets passed on for more eyes to see. This means it can get shared again and again. Which further passes the content on. Eventually, a ton of people will end up seeing it through shares. 

The Qualities of a Content Writer

First things first, anyone who wants to become a content writer must be able to write a complete sentence. As simple as it sounds, you would be surprised at how many people don’t know that you need a noun and a verb in every sentence. I’m serious, how hard is it! On a serious note, you should be able to appeal to multiple audiences and have a good understanding of tone.

Content writing is just like any other form of content marketing

So, don’t forget that content writing is a business. It doesn’t matter if you are your own boss or not. You will need to be capable of communicating clearly with people. Most of the people who hire content writers are digital marketers of some sort. The majority of the time, you will be asked to write on a topic you had never even considered writing about. It is very important that you can communicate well enough to get all the information you need before writing.

Sometimes, you won’t even get hired or it will be something that you don’t know how to do. That is perfectly fine, it happens to everyone. That is why we consult with businesses owners when given opportunities. This way we have an understanding of how we can help their business or decline work that isn’t in our repertoire.

Is blogging any different?


The simple answer is yes. The significant difference is the tone in which a content writer writes compared to that of a blogger. As I mentioned before, a content writer is trying to produce content that converts visitors into consumers. Of course, they are also looking for shares, but it is not their top priority. On the other hand, a blog writer tries to encourage people to share, like, and comment to build their audience.

The Importance of SEO to Content Writers and Digital Marketing

If you are a freelancer or run your own blog. Then you will definitely need to become friends with SEO. Learning how to utilize Search Engine Optimization to your benefit can give your content a boost. Especially, when it comes to ranking in search engines. It might sound complicated, but with time you will fully understand. 

Becoming a content writer isn’t the easiest of tasks, but it is very rewarding. 

You get to do as much work as you want on your terms. Of course, there will be limitations depending on your experience and education. As well as, The brand’s overall reputation. Honestly, if you are a good writer then there shouldn’t be a great deal of concern. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert making a living knowing how to work from home on the internet.

On top of that, becoming aware of your brand is a necessity to being successful. Some people make the mistake in believing that making a logo and a tagline are the only elements of branding. While those are two great things to do for starters, branding is much more than that. How you talk to customers, your theme, your audience, and the products or services you promote all affect how your brand looks to visitors.


How to Build a Solid and Credible Brand For Your Work at Home Business

Today, brands and corporations are not only judged by their products. They are judged by their attributes and how trustworthy they are. A brand’s reputation and their products or services are the qualities consumers look at. Building a solid and credible brand is the key to starting a successful work from home business.

In modern society, people are always on the lookout for shady marketing tactics. Since consumers try to be wary of scams, only genuine brands are acceptable. Most consumers base their decision by the way a brand handles itself and how real it seems. A successful brand needs to be authentic and genuine. Here are a few tips for building a solid and credible brand.


Consumers quickly judge a brand by how accessible it is. Your brand needs to be available for as long as possible during the day. This allows customers to interact and contact you. Customers will most likely have questions, and your brand is the best source for the answer. If you can’t respond to a customer in a timely manner, then you may start to lose credibility. This is essential to how to work from home on the internet, you must be accessible.

Luckily, there are many practical ways to stay accessible. Consider creating an online community or an organized event that brings awareness to the brand. As your brand grows, you can expand to having multiple workforces working 24/7. Being accessible will increase your likeability with the consumers.

Reliable Product

Consumers want a product that can be justified as high-quality. Your brand’s main focus should be to produce high-quality content or products, while at the same time, providing stellar service. Hyping up low-quality products to make sales can lead to bad reviews and it builds mistrust in the brand. Selling an honest product is the best way to building a solid brand.

In your reviews, pay attention to what people like or don’t like and make adjustments accordingly. There is always room for improvement and this way you can test your product, improve it, and launch it again. The saying, “The customer is always right” is very true to a degree. Appeasing customers is a part of the business. Your brand should make this one of the top goals; always satisfy the customer. Satisfying your consumers’ needs is important if you want to build a strong, credible brand.

Build a Solid and Credible Brand with Clarity

personal branding

Remaining clear and advertising to your specific niche is important for any growing brand. Content creators need to make sure their message is clear. Your brand has to be able to express itself clearly in order to stay trustworthy. If your message is all over the place and people can’t understand what you do, then you will not be able to gain any actual clients. Your visual look and message need to be as broad as daylight. Consumers don’t want to be confused, so take it upon yourself to ensure your brand has clarity.

Qualifications and Experience

Additionally, a credible brand has qualifications and experience. When people know the creator is extraordinary, then they will assume the product is exceptional, as it probably is. Showing off your qualifications in a polite manner can help your brand gain trust. As your brand expands and gains trust, be sure to go ahead and show off your experiences too. People love a good story. Allowing your consumers to know where your brand comes from is one of the most genuine actions a brand can do.

Social Media

It goes without saying, people are often influenced by their friends, family, and unique people of interest. Getting your brand to be considered popular is not an easy task. But, if you can get your brand shared or mentioned by others, then that can be a big boost of credibility. In actuality, word-of-mouth marketing is the most successful and powerful form of marketing. Social media is basically the ‘word-of-mouth’ of today. Use this to your advantage and stay updated on popular social media sites. They can prove themselves quite useful when it comes to getting new clients.

Your Brand’s Opinion

Content consumers and customers will not believe you are credible unless your brand has an opinion of its own. If you have nothing to say, how will people know to like you or not? Get used to sharing your opinion because people want to have similar views to the brand that they are looking at. Use social media and your blog to accomplish this. You are already connected to the world, so make use of it and promote your brand’s beliefs. A credible brand builds a solid reputation by being genuine and having trustworthy attributes. So when learning how to work from home on the internet make sure branding is a key element you understand.

Getting Started! – How to work from home on the internet?

Yes, you can learn how to work from home on the internet without getting ripped off by some get rich scam. The key to success is gaining the right knowledge and applying it. Before we move on to 7 days of free training on how to become a successful blogger, affiliate marketer, freelance content writer and my offer of two free websites. Let us continue on to what I feel are the best and worst ways to work from home on the internet. Just simply click below to go forward.

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